Composing all styles of music

Brian Foster - the way it works

  • Discuss the atmosphere to be created - if it is TV or film.

  • Discuss the style using existing artists and composers as a reference, and also my own compositions.

  • Talk about the type of instruments needed and how many.

  • If you are a singer/songwriter, discuss recording your voice and your instrument(s).  

  • Talk about the recording format you require when mastered.

  • I can then give you a quote for my work.

  • I will then compose and record a simple monitor mix for reference, just to see that we are going in the right direction.

  • Until you are happy with the monitor mix my fee will not be required.

  • When you are satisfied with what has been composed, I will record the full track and master it to the formats you require, and then take payment.

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My music composition covers a wide range of styles including world music, pop, jazz, rock, blues, funk and dance.


I have written music for dance troops, theatre companies, TV and radio advertising agencies, drama colleges across Horley, Surrey and Wiltshire - including incidental music for TV and film projects and much more.


My jazz and contemporary music education and many years of experience allows me to compose soundscapes and background music for any required atmosphere.


Being able to play guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion and keyboard, I am able to create a whole soundtrack myself and if other soloists or sections are required, I can call on experienced session musicians I have worked with over many years.

Composing all styles of music


Latest News

To hear any of my compositions click on the soundcloud link.


At the moment I am working on some ambient dance tracks for a dance troop.


I will also be recording my own jazz/funk compositions very soon.

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