Music production services

Brian Foster studio equipment

Mac with Logic Pro 9 and 10

Superior Drummer, Trilian Bass and Slate Virtual Tape Machine Plug ins

Slate FG-X Mastering Plug ins


Mackie 16:4:2 Firewire Mixing Desk

Lexicon and TC Electronics Reverbs

TC Electronics Delays/Modulation

Drawmer and Peavey Compressor-Limiters

Focusrite and Blue Tube Valve Pre Amps


Adam A8X, Tannoy and KRK Monitoring


Roland V drums

Roland DR880

Various Hand Percussion


Mesa Boogie, Fender, Blackstar, Hartke and Yamaha Amplification

MXR, RAT, and Morley FX Pedals


PRS, Ibanez, Godin, Carvin, Feline and Aria Pro Guitars and Basses

Roland GR33 Guitar Synth


SE Electronics Valve Condenser Mic, Shure SM 57, Beta 52, AKG C1000s


M Audio Midi Keyboard

Based in Horley, Surrey and Wiltshire, Brian Foster provides professional music production services across the UK. Contact me today:

In my studio based in Wiltshire, I compose and produce soundtracks for TV and radio. I also produce tracks for singers, songwriters and bands.


I can write, arrange and produce music compositions from scratch, or you can send me your ideas and songs in any format for me to produce.


If you would like to know more about my music production process, get in touch through my contact page and I can further explain each stage of creating the right music for you.

Music production services in the UK

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